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The all-new Galaxy S23 has been filtered out in pictures

In the world of technology and consumer electronics, leaks are common. Smartphones, tablets, video games, and even cars are “filtered” days, weeks, or even months before they arrive. Unfortunately, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 is no exception, and we can already give it a detailed look ahead of its official presentation.

Actually, we have heard the first Unofficial data What will the new Galaxy S family be like? Submitted on February 1 by the South Korean company. This time, the S23 and S23 + models are expected to radically change their design, adopting an appearance more similar to what we see in the Galaxy S22 Ultra (which we are also expected to see in the S23 Ultra). Most notably, on the back, the three cameras will sit as separate units, not all on one hill, as was the case on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 models.

the people of the WinFuture has acquired a collection of images (such as the one we see in these lines) confirms, once again, this change in appearance in S23. Additionally, the leaked images reveal that the Galaxy S23 and S23+ will arrive in four different colors: black, green, purple, and “cotton flower” (a kind of white).

Galaxy S23 photos have been filtered, including all four colours.

As for the hardware, the phones will arrive with new OLED screens with a maximum brightness level above galaxy s22 last year (which itself was a high-quality panel with easy visibility in bright sunlight), and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, Qualcomm’s most powerful processor yet. The presentation date of the new Galaxy S23 family is Feb 1. [via[via[عبر[víaWinFuture]

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