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The actor warns Michel Renaud and Matthias Novoa while enjoying their love

The actor warns Michel Renaud and Matthias Novoa while enjoying their love

love between Michel Renault and Matthias NovolaIt made you one of the most beloved couples in the entertainment world, and this relationship has given you a lot to talk about lately because The famous actress who starred in ‘La Herencia’ commented that she is already happily married with your partner and even They want to be parents.

The relationship of the actors of the Telenovela “La Inheritance” at its bestThanks to a post on the official Instagram of Michel RaynaudIn the photo description the actress wrote “New York City vibe” followed by a heart-shaped emoji.

Michelle Renaud’s husband, Matthias Novoa quickly responded to his girlfriend’s postshare photos on their social networks with dedicating words of love to their partner, Matthias’ reaction wasn’t the only one that caught the media’s attentionSince the actor Daniel Albitar made a ‘curious’ comment In the photos of the couple.

In the photo description, the actress wrote “NYC ambiance” followed by a heart emoji
Credits: IG @Michellerenaud

What is the warning given by Daniel Albitar to the couple in love?

Actor of Venezuelan descent Daniel Albitar He took part in the lead role with lovers during the telenovela “La Herencia” where he played a “hostile” and practical role whose character was responsible for making life impossible for the spouses Michel and Matias in the melodrama.

The message that Daniel left in Michel Renaud’s post was a reference to the character the actor played in the series.As a mockery, the Venezuelan wrote:

Daniel Elbittar commented in the couple’s post, “Love..be careful that Pedro is out there watching over them.”

The comment sparked laughter from the followers of “La Herrencia” who frequent the profile of actress Michel Renaud in the same way, Many Instagram users took the opportunity to greet Daniel and wish him success in his new projects.

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