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El eterno agradecimiento a Cuba por la excelente formación médica recibida durante siete años trascendió hoy en la graduación de 39 alumnos de 21 nacionalidades que culminaron estudios en la Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de Camagüey (UCM) Carlos J. Finlay.

Thanks to Cuba and Fidel from new foreign specialists in medical sciences (+ photos)

Camaguey, Jul 30 (ACN) Cuba’s eternal gratitude for the excellent medical training it has received in seven years has today surpassed the graduation of 39 students from 21 nationalities who completed their studies in University of Medical Sciences of Camagüey (UCM) Carlos J. finlay.

Habibu Gallo, the most comprehensive graduate, a native of Gambia, stressed that they learned many values ​​on the island, among which he mentioned being more altruistic, simpler, humane and caring to help others.

Here I had the opportunity to become a Doctor of Science and Conscience, he asserted, while recalling the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro at the inauguration of the Latin American School of Medicine, when he encouraged them to be more than mere doctors and messengers, the innovators. , Zealous guardians of life.

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Andrea Sonia Park, a gold graduate in Clinical Bioanalysis, from the Republic of Guyana, told the Cuban News Agency that she dedicated the title to her father, who died in 2019, a very difficult moment for her, but she overcame it. He thinks all the time that I would be happy to see her graduate.

Thanks to the Cuban revolution and her good relations with Guyana, she said, she is now a graduate, and she expressed her gratitude to the family, teachers and friends in Camaguey and Havana.

In her message to the new professionals from the sister nations, Dr. Tamara Chos Correa, Dean of the Academic Institution, highlighted the scientific and ethical training of those today with degrees, who bring to their countries a high sense of humanity and solidarity.

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These values, along with relevance and quality, are part of the medical education developed in the Greater Antilles, the purpose of which is to prepare a staff capable of carrying out care, education and research in an integrated manner, in different educational scenarios and through the union of theory and practice.

The chaos of Korea wished doctors and graduates in clinical biological analysis much success, in order to contribute to the improvement of the health of their people, and urged them to apply the best teachings and example of teachers and all who contributed.

More than 35 thousand health professionals from 180 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, trained in Cuba free of charge in all its universities.

With these new doctors, 37 from medical school and two from clinical biological analysis, the above medical university reaches three thousand and foreign graduates from 84 countries.

All this happens as a result of the training program for doctors and other specialists in the branch designed by Fidel Castro in November 1999, the date of the opening of the Latin American School of Medicine.