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Teachers take BUAZ Biological Sciences facilities

Teachers take BUAZ Biological Sciences facilities

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This Friday, teachers they took The meritorious facilities of the Academic Unit of Biological Sciences of the University of Zacatecas (BUAZ) to demand that the administration comply with the agreements it signed weeks ago, when there was conflict, even attacks, between administrators and teachers.

LucĂ­a Delgadillo Ruiz, Professor of the Environment and Conservation Program, stated that the only demands are related to the delivery of minutes corresponding to the courses taught in this semester, especially for teachers who have a fixed time, since this work condition precludes their appointment. on school platforms.

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Another requirement is that spaces which have been set aside for a degree program in Ecology and Conservation be turned over, since under the current administration it was not known that some of the classrooms and laboratories were used for the said programme.

In a demonstration that took place weeks ago, he commented that director Rosa Gabriela Revels Hernandez promised to provide certain spaces for this program, but some teachers entered with the excuse that the director assigned them to them.

Delgadillo Ruiz indicated that the principal had broken the agreement she herself had with other officials and with the teachers, which is why she was now required to honor such agreements.

The teachers were affected
They will seek to create
Dialogue with the director
Monday; if not,
The strikes will continue

“The spaces weren’t given to us because the principal argued that the degree should be combined with the biology program, so that the students could interact, but she didn’t want to open up the spaces, but she refused, and now she doesn’t know them.”

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In addition, she commented that the labs were not equipped and the principal suggested they wait to process the necessary resources, but now she has assigned the space to a professor from the biology program who already has another space.

Delgadillo Ruiz reported that there was no response or approach from management, and the owner only showed up to receive the order document and was never heard from again.

“He didn’t talk to us, he just told us he was going to petition and we had no contact, so on Monday we’re going to present ourselves to ask for the umpteenth time a meeting with the whole group of teachers to come to agreements,” he said.

In the absence of specific agreements Monday with the Principal, announce that the Environment and Conservation Program teachers will continue the work stoppage next week.

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