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Teachers’ Sons Scholarship: How to Apply, Requirements and Coverage |  Peru

Teachers’ Sons Scholarship: How to Apply, Requirements and Coverage | Peru

Aimed at the children of my teachers public legal profession (CPM), Registrations to apply for the Children of Teachers Academic Excellence Scholarship (Beca Hijos de Docentes) for undergraduate studies at universities, institutes or schools closes, next Monday, July 12.

more information: Pronabec launches scholarships for students of public universities: What are the application requirements?

Application requirements

To be eligible for one of the 400 scholarships, the applicant must be of Peruvian nationality and must be at least 22 years old (as of May 21, 2021).

But, you must also certify high academic performance (upper third) in the last two completed high school grades and must have entered (And the a ), in a job position eligible to begin studies in 2021-II or 2022-I, or if this fails, continue with the studies you started earlier.

In the latter case, i.e. for applicants who have already started their studies, scholarship benefits will be considered from the scholarship and according to the number of registrations made.

To award the scholarship, the priority occupations are those related to National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategic Plan for Competitiveness and Human Development 2006-2021, and must belong to these areas of knowledge: life sciences and biotechnologies, materials science and technology, information and communication technology, environmental sciences and technologies, and basic sciences.

What does the scholarship cover?

Although, as part of its benefits, The Teachers’ Sons Scholarship covers the cost of the exam or admission file, as long as the payment has not been exempted by the educational institution, said sponsorship will be effective only for applicants who have been awarded the scholarship to commence studies and who have the corresponding proof of payment.

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The scholarship also covers the cost of tuition fees and educational stipends, mandatory expenses for the degree or title in question, accommodation (if applicable), local transportation and food.

How do I apply?

The application is free and is done through From the online portal of the National Program for Scholarships and Educational Loans (Pronabec) in Ministry of Education (MINIDO).

Although the unit is enabled as of May 27, only until July 12 can applications be registered.

So, The interested party must create an account by entering the DNI number, email and cell phone number, to be assigned a username and password, which will be notified by e-mail and/or cell phone indicated by the interested party.

If you don’t have a username and password, you can create one in the app module that Pronabec has enabled. (Photo: Pronabec)

As described in Pronabec, “It will enable the user and the advanced access token to electronically sign the documents that make up their virtual profile and access the electronic box where they will receive all competition communications.”.

In the event that the applicant youngerAt the time of your application, you must record the identification number, email and cell phone number of your representative (father, mother, or actual attorney, as applicable). It is this person who will be assigned a password that will enable him to sign electronically, on behalf of the minor, the documents that are part of the virtual file.

Competition schedule

Once the registration deadline has passed, applicants will have until July 21 to correct some details regarding the application, whileThe selected posts will be published on August 2.

Between August 3 and 9, those selected must report that they have accepted the scholarship and as of August 4, finally, the list of scholarship recipients will be published.

It should be noted that during the registration and selection process, there are priority conditions that allow the applicant to access additional scores. In this sense, if, among other reasons, the father or mother works as a teacher in the incorporated areas of the Vraem or Huallaga district, the applicant will receive an additional degree.