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Tax evasion outside the law

Tax evasion outside the law

After more than four hours of debate, lawmakers finished work on a bill field extinction Excluded from the project tax evasion.

head Two-chamber commissionSenator Pedro Catherine said the report will be submitted once technicians have finished writing the project.

Regarding the discussion of whether it was an ordinary law or an organic law, Catherine said that they do not decide, but rather that it is the power of the legislatures.

“We conclude today, the bicameral committee, the scope extinction act has been approved by a majority of the members of that bicameral committee,” said Catherine when he left the Senate.

“In no way do we include retrospective, the only thing we have included is retrospective, and we have put an earlier period of 20 years back, so this is a benchmark for laws field extinction In most of the countries it is approved,” the legislator explained.

to exclude tax evasion He said that they proved in the committee that any kind of tax irregularity can be subject to this law, “so there is no need to prove tax evasion that are not classified in any criminal or tax legislation in the Dominican Republic.”

PLD withdrew from the meeting

Specifically because of the exclusion tax evasionwhich were previously approved in the committee, members of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) who are part of Two-chamber commission quit

Aris Evan Lorenzo, spokesperson Senators From the PLD, he said it was a matter of disrespect because that point had already been agreed and agreed upon in the committee.

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PRSC . suggestion

The Two-chamber commission Welcomed the proposal made by the Senator of the Social Reform Christian Party (PRSC), Ramon Rogelio Ginao, who proposed, through a document addressed to the Chairman of the Committee, to abolish tax evasion and retroactive.

Gennau brought a document handed to Catherine, where he also suggested that the law should be organic and not ordinary law, realizing that besides retroactive effect, if approved as ordinary law, it could be constitutionally attacked.

“The non-retroactivity and retrospective effect that can be included in the law, can hardly successfully overcome the constitutionality test before the Constitutional Court,” The document says.

“We caution that tax evasion is not a prior or prior offense in Law 155-17,” Jinao added.

Request for the authority’s minutes and audios

Lorenzo, along with other lawmakers, confirmed that the Senate president had confiscated audio recordings and minutes of committee meetings. Lorenzo, who asked media representatives to go down with him to the committee room, said that on the instructions of the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella, they did not give him those minutes and that they “intend to change everything the committee has passed.”

According to Lorenzo, PRM wants to ignore weeks’ work of lawmakers removing things that have already been agreed upon and approved in the committee. He pointed out that they had asked several weeks ago to hand over the minutes and recordings and that they were not delivered by order of the Senate President.

Dominican journalist, born in Santo Domingo, is an expert on the affairs of the Dominican community in the United States.