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Tata Martino declared that Mexican football “stuck” Mediotiempo

Gerardo Martinothe former technical director of Mexican national teamHe admitted that he did not see aspects of improvement in the short, medium or long term in Mexican football. It must be remembered that the former FC Barcelona strategist left a list of elements to which Aztec football must change stand out internationally.

“We immediately understood how even in the best moments, which were the first two years, we understood how this path would develop, we felt that It will not be different in terms of things in the past and even today, being outside, we continue to observe itMartino said in an interview with journalist Tony Arguelles.

Likewise, the Babi Revealed that a lot of people converge to take Decisions in soccer in MexicoUnlike what happens in other countries. Besides mentioning that, in his opinion, should be the coach of the national team Participates in the corresponding country league For a richer panorama.

“It’s better and I said it in the process, He took the reins of selection after he was taken out in the country Because it gives best offer The stage of the players and how the middle and its components develop. There are issues no matter how much they are reported, It is not the same thing to live it When they happen to someone promise them. happened to me in Paraguay and Argentinanot like that Mexico“.

Once his term in Mexico expired, Tata Martino He emphasized that Mexican football should:

  • Changing the competition format for short tournaments, as it does not enhance competitiveness.
  • Promote greater opportunities for talented young core forces.
  • Better control of the quantity and quality of foreigners arriving in national football.
  • Facilitating the exit of Mexican elements to the European continent.
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