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Taehyung holds Jungkook’s hand to ask him for a favor (Video)

Taehyung s Jungkook From bts They’re always in charge of turning social networks on thanks to rumors that they might have a relationship that goes beyond friendship.

Some time ago, a video went viral on various social networks, thanks to this video netizens questioned the friendship of two of the most famous group in the Kpop world; BTS.

The moment came when Jungkook sang intensely in karaoke s Taehyung playing basketballIn the shot, however, the ball remains at the top of the machine, making it impossible for the performer to lower it.

This event has surprised followers ever since Taehyung I was closer to Jimin But he decided to ignore it and that’s why he went to his friend and groupmate, Jungkook, who grabbed him by the hand, took the microphone and seemed to force him to drop the ball, without giving his friend a chance to refuse. .

This video raised a lot of doubts about the relationship between the two artists, as the fans think they must have some kind of relationship other than work, a little more personal relationship.

Here we leave the video:

So, if we look at it from another point, Taehyung He is much taller and bigger than Jungkook, but it requires constant attention from him Koki for protection and assistance.

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