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T-Mobile and its 37 million customers in the US were hacked

The data of 37 million T-Mobile customers was stolen in late November by an unknown hacker. The company recently announced the theft and explained that it involved addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth.The cyberattack was discovered on January 5, the company said in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the investigation has so far shown that no passwords, PINs, bank accounts, or credit card information were stolen.

No Social Security numbers or other government identification were illegally removed. Similarly, T-Mobile announced that the investigation is still ongoing, but that the most malicious activity has already been brought under control.

The company stated that the first illegal access to the data must have occurred sometime around November 25th. But, although the company famously never identified any of them, it did confirm that various police and federal agencies were notified of the issue.

What are the consequences of this data theft?

At this time, the cyberattack is not expected to have a material impact or ramifications on T-Mobile’s operations. However, any improper access to customer privacy raises suspicions about the company’s cyber security and, by extension, about personal data.

Therefore, this episode may cause the company to lose customers and lead to an investigation by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States.

Of particular concern is the frequency of these security breaches at T-Mobile compared to other companies. This company has been hacked on numerous occasions in recent years.

In fact, she has had to pay out millions of dollars as a result of class-action lawsuits filed by thousands of clients. After social security numbers and licensing information were stolen, T-Mobile announced that it would set aside $150 million in 2023 to enhance security.

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But the fact is that the year has just begun and the company is already engaged in an event that is not indifferent to this type of business.