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Symposium on Water Management and Science begins at UABCS

Symposium on Water Management and Science begins at UABCS

On Thursday, August 10, the “Water Science and Management Symposium 2023-2” opened, Academic activity and communication who coordinates Baja California Sur Autonomous University To address issues inherent in problems related to hydrology and geosciences.

in each session, It is scheduled for Thursday From each semester, at 6:00 pm, specialists from national and international institutions, whether from the public, private, academic or research fields, share their views, projects or strategies they are developing for a more appropriate management of hydrology and water resources.

On this first day, Dr. Maria Z. targeting the student bodyEspecially for university enrollment as part of the university introduction process.

In his thesis, he indicated the importance of the symposium as a space for discussion, reflection and exchange of ideas that allow the promotion of knowledge, but above all, Increased awareness In multiple topics related to water management, based on the expertise of leading professionals in this field.

In this sense, the professor also invited them to participate in this activity and in all those that emerge from their path through UABCSsince they will soon be the people leading this fight against the global water crisis, and the more prepared they are, the better solutions they will be able to contribute to society, within the framework of the social responsibility of the university that guides the institution.

Finally, in the same framework of the seminar, Dr.