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Summary of the Zulus match against Toluca (3-3). Objectives

The Xolos have had a change of face with Migue Herrera on the bench. And although some setbacks have been added, the reality is that the situation is different, because despite landing on the scoreboard, they never stop moving forward.

Proof of this is the match against Toluca, Where in the first half they went down on the scoreboard with three goalsBut in the end they showed their courage and tied it 3-3.

Despite the fact that those from the frontiers made the first risky plays, it was Maxi Araujo, who opened the scoring (16′) For scarlet’s sake, thanks to a strong head.

It didn’t take long (23) before the Uruguayan found another ball which he pushed past Tonio Rodriguez. The game was already drawing to win.

And it was Since Bayan Angulo, after a great team display, made it 0-3 at 34 minutes. Team Piojo went to the canvas in the first half.

This was Cavallini’s draw

How did the Xolos react?

The Red Devils fell asleep 47 minutes ago. Ariel Rodriguez agreed to the distances and woke up the fans who started cheering them on. In the 58th minute, Fernando Valenzuela made two Tijuana players dream part 2-3.

Finally, Alexis Canelo hit a shot from the hook, which Volpe refused, but the ball remained his. Lucas Cavallini, who just pushed the ball into the netwith which the match was made.