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Summary of the match Real Salt Lake vs Atlas (1-2).  Objectives

Summary of the match Real Salt Lake vs Atlas (1-2). Objectives

The atlas . added Pride Triumph s Confidence By staying with a duel View the 2022 League Cup Against Real Salt Lake, who beat him 1-2 in Utah.

The gym box It was only mexican cast From those who played this series of friendly duels in win your match during the 90 minutesWhich they didn’t even do chivas No Him America.

The Rojiblancos added two defeatsThe blue creams they won Penalties to me LAFCThis way they lost with Nashvillefor this reason Red and black could break the line.

Still, Atlas, who doesn’t have a good time at Opening 2022He didn’t have a great match, because in many periods of fencing defeated widely across the table Ml.

The match started with Royal Salt Lake Attack And in the 8th minute pod hidalgo with a cross head and Goalkeeper Jose HernandezHe made a shortcut to save his cabin.

Although in the next play they made him a midfield on goal, when Aaron Herrera He shot from behind the center circle, took Hernandez in front and then put his hand out 1-0 to me 17′.

Atlas continued to receive punishment and, in 28 ‘And the Paul Ruiz A shot from a distance and its effect Skip In another arrival of the locals, who could have scored more.

Tapatios They had the first 32 ‘when jesus eye Make a personal play, put the ball in the area, and there, Louis ReyesHe shook his head like the popcorn he had sliced Thomas Gomez.

In the latter part of the first half, Justin Meram Make a strong entrance Edgar Zaldivar and saw Red in 37 minutesleaving the Utah cadre with 10 men.

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Thus, Atlas was able to link 40′ Across Zaldivarwho finished inside the area, after the goalkeeper rejected a shot from Ozil Herrera.

The start of the second half Smith The second was by take-off Justin Gladshoot and Goalkeeper Gomez Kick him off a corner kick.

foxes He lost control and attacked Real Salt Lake until 71 o’clock. Lucas Rodriguez Make it 2-1 for him Mexican painting.

It was a great play Brian Tregowho entered between three defendersHe shot, there was a deflection and the ball hit the post. came there Uruguay To finish and put the advantage in his favour.

The target hit the locals, Atlas took an interest in the result and got An important victory in the soul To close Liga MX in better spirits, when they face off October to me necaxa In the Jalisco Stadium.