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Summary of the match Puebla vs Tigres (2-1).  Objectives

Summary of the match Puebla vs Tigres (2-1). Objectives

The spell that ended Puebla in his match against Tigres has expireda team that was the victim of their fatigue and indiscipline, as they ended up with nine men in the Luis Quinones and Florian Touvin were sent off. With hierarchy, a day should be used to gain momentum to close, A 2-1 situation that throws their aspirations towards the playoff.

Barragán’s goal in second place 19

Calm team had a dream start, as they succeeded Scored when it was the second 19 sprint thanks to Martin Barragánan act that would be fueled by confidence to restrain some felines who have struggled to wear Match against Chivas on Tuesday.

maxi aruguwho during the tournament did not reach the performance that put him in the orbit of clubs such as Cruz Azul or América, This time he was completely looking forward to leading a team full of absences And that he looked in low spirits after 12 dates without a win.

Because of his aggressiveness, the first goal arose, as he stole the ball in the middle of the field, and from there cleared it to Omar Fernandez, who in turn tried to return it though. It was Martin Barragan who took it to score first.

The emotional blow has been enormous for those in the house, ever since They lived about the first halfwhere they managed to score two more goals, although one of them It was canceled by an incredible decision with the support of the VAR.

This action happened at the 15th minute, again in an interjection by Araujo, although he appeared when he was inside the area. Vladimir Lorona’s leg To get the ball that He went to the feet of Baraghan who did not forgive. This procedure will be reviewed and will end up with a rare infiltration.

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However, Barragan found a double in the 28th minute, this time backed by a foul by Nahuel Guzman, who in his attempt to break out and cut the ball passed. Lucas Maya took it and crossed Barragan, who this time celebrated without anyone stopping him.

An undeserved goal and there was no more

The overwhelming show from Puebla just stopped with an unexpected goal from Samir Caetano In the last minutes of the first part – a complex header crossed by Anthony Silva -, Without helping his club to show a better picture.

Because after the start of the second half, the home team retained control of the match and had the opportunity to score the third goal in the 57th minute, when Fernandez’s life is over After Araujo himself helps him, but This time the ball hit the metal.

there Larcamón realized that it is better to keep the ball than to fall backwardswhich helped him not to worry in the lower area, a brilliant tactical decision that helped him achieve a 2-1 draw, It also helped his opponent’s indiscipline, who would end with 9 A victim of impotence and after transcending it in a hierarchical manner.