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Summary of the match Lyon vs Mazatlan (0-3).  Objectives

Summary of the match Lyon vs Mazatlan (0-3). Objectives

Mexico City /

Pools may break the game. Mazatlan visited, settled at the Nou Camp and humiliation a Lion. Vieira fell at home 3-0 In a game where Edward Bello was inspired by two goals and Nicolas Benedetti accelerated his pace now in purple.

with rarely 4 minutes all the time, Arsenal opened the scoring. The player entered the area from the right wing and set, the ball went towards the goal and had a slight support deviation from Steve Barrerowho got own goal.

Minutes later, the goals ceremony began in Asilah jewel by nico Benedetti. The former America player drove the ball horizontal, bypassing Parreiro himself and other defenders as well as Esmeraldas to position himself in the center of the small area and meet Rodolfo Cotta’s throw.

and that is Mazatlan Just It took 16 minutes From 90 possible to extermination to me surly Paiva. The third goal He appeared on stage. On this occasion Osvaldo Rodriguez was a victim beautiful.

Mazatec received from Benedetti To turn around without any problem before the Rodriguez sign and so on Send the ball to the back of the net. The goal cry was drowned out by a misplaced flag, but the VAR corrected its lack and checked the result.

With the job done, Mazatlan devoted himself to making defensive game Closing any chance for those in the house who couldn’t close the gap, let alone imagine a draw scenario. This is Mazatlan’s second win so far this season Looks like Leon hasn’t recovered From the 5-1 defeat suffered last weekend.

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