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Summary of the Dominican Republic and South Korea (10-6) match for the bronze medal at the 2020 Olympic Games | 07/08/2021

Since 1:02 am 6 hours ago

end of broadcast

The Dominican team took their country’s bronze medal and became the first team in their country to win group or group status at an Olympic fair.

12:55 am 6 hours ago

Bronze flavor III!!!

Bronze goes to the Dominican Republic, the Korean win but in the race to first base, he was eliminated from the base

Since 12:53 am 6 hours ago

Diaz takes second place for the Dominican Republic

Closer and closer to bronze!!!

Since 12:51 am 6 hours ago

For the first time with a bronze flavor for the Dominicans

The game is getting more complicated for South Korea

12:49 am 6 hours ago

South Korea is trying to connect it

With players at the second and third base, the Koreans are about to score

6 hours ago

all or nothing

Korea for a tie and the Dominican Republic to maintain the advantage and get the bronze

12:40 AM 7 hours ago

Halfway through the ninth inning

The Dominican Republic is three medals pending in the bronze if you can hold an advantage of 10-6

7 hours ago

Second place in favor of Korea, which is looking for its role in the hit and tie

The Korean team hasn’t given up yet

7 hours ago


Bonifacio was caught off base and with him the first came out against the Dominican Republic.

7 hours ago

The ninth and final inning has begun as Korea can draw or the Dominican Republic can maintain the advantage and suspend the medal

The final part of the game is on the line and the Dominicans lead the racket

7 hours ago

Christopher Mercedes does an excellent pitching

The Dominican team is now looking to maintain the advantage until the ninth game

7 hours ago

Korea started hitting with the intention of recovery

The South Korean team suffered a strong blow in the eighth game, but still has a chance to recover

7 hours ago

Jeison Guzmán seeks to increase the account even more

In the eighth inning, the Dominican Republic is experiencing its best moment in the game, scoring 5 runs and is ahead of the scoreboard with the potential to increase the advantage.

7 hours ago

home run!!!!

Johan Mixes knocked her out of the park with a massive hit and she and another fellow baseman managed to increase the number to 10-6!!!!

12:05 AM 7 hours ago

The Dominican Republic has a full house and runs a tie and keep it up!!

Juan Francisco’s massive influence allows Guzmán to draw 6-6 and increase to 8-6 to move ahead on Korea

12:00 AM 7 hours ago

Dominican to professional base

With a man at third base and one at the start, the Caribbean is on the cusp of a tie

11:56 PM 7 hours ago

Eighth half started!

The Dominican Republic starts hitting and seeks a tie in the match

7 hours ago

The Dominicans are trying to get close again

Milky Cabrera’s superb kick allows him to reach second base

10:40 PM 8 hours ago

Begin the seventh season

Johan Mieses goes to try to tie and stay long on the scoreboard

8 hours ago

Korea managed to maintain its victory in the sixth game

With organized work and a lot of focus, the Koreans managed to keep a minimum difference in the sixth half

8 hours ago

Rodriguez has received a massive ball and needs to be replaced

The Dominican was injured after a serve that hit the player’s wrist and had to be replaced by Juan Francisco

8 hours ago

A wonderful play by Bonifacio

A subtle touch from Bonifacio elicited applause and pinned him to first base.

8 hours ago

Great return to South Korea

The Orientals came from less to more and at this moment they managed to get up on the scoreboard

11:09 PM 8 hours ago

Korea reacts and goes upstairs!!!

Kim scored in the sixth round and rose 6-5

11:00 PM 8 hours ago

O Gail, start beating!

The Koreans will now try to keep going

10:55 PM 8 hours ago

Draw Korea!!!!

An unusual reaction from the Easters who stole a base and then after one hit they managed to deliver another player to the home base to tie the match 5-5

10:51 PM 8 hours ago

5-4!!! Another RBI for Koreans

Another hit pushed the player at base to run from third base to home base and score the fourth point.

10:46 PM 8 hours ago

5-3!!! Korea is coming

Another great hit of oriental fragrances that made the difference

10:45 PM 8 hours ago

A meeting of the two teams

The two teams reformulate their strategies

10:36 PM 9 hours ago

Dominican points increase!!

Milky Cabrera pushed the fifth round, hooked the ball and sent it to the back field so that his partner could pass the main base

10:30 pm 9 hours ago

South Korea replied

At the end of the fourth inning, Korea did not allow the Caribbeans to advance and managed to make headway in the opponent.

10:25 PM 9 hours ago

home run!!!!

The Korean Kim hit the ball and sent it deep to defeat the Dominicans

10:24 PM 9 hours ago

Korea is fighting again to try to run

Koreans are once again trying to get out of this profession

10:21 PM 9 hours ago

Hye Min Park did not allow the Caribbeans to advance

Korea is trying not to allow the feature to be extended

10:11 pm 9 hours ago

Kim Jinok

The Korean bowler stops the Dominicans for all intentions of hitting by the other team

10:06 PM 9 hours ago

Dominican by chance

The Koreans tried to tighten the score with several hits to strike but the Caribbeans are very eager to quell any intent.

10:03 PM 9 hours ago

Korea is getting closer

Koreans are trying to get close to the beating to try not to spread the feature

9:55 pm 9 hours ago

The Dominican Republic is trying to shake to continue scoring

Melky Cabrera connects and overrides the right field

9:53 PM 9 hours ago

primer out

The Dominicans are trying, but the Asian team is blocking the progress

9:51 PM 9 hours ago

Dominican strikes again

Korea seeks to stop any attempt to increase the Dominican list

9:49 PM 9 hours ago

Dominican Republic from any offensive intention of South Korea

The Dominicans did not allow the Koreans to advance much in their batting role

9:47 PM 9 hours ago

2nd of October

Dominican Republic is doing a great job with Raúl Valdes

9:46 PM 9 hours ago

Dominicans do not want to give advantages

The Koreans fought but the Caribbean team was able to intercept to get out.

9:41 PM 10 hours ago

another blow

Korea communicates again but remains on the second and third base

9:39 PM 10 hours ago

Korea seeks to recover

Korea continues and Kim manages to make his first 4-1 race

10 hours ago

The rain came into the game

It rained at Yokohama Stadium

10 hours ago

Korea does not want to give more advantages

In the second round of hitting, the Dominican Republic could not increase the score.

10 hours ago

South Korea is trying to respond

2 outs for Korea looking to hit again

9:31 PM 10 hours ago

Korea seeks to recover

Bonifacio connects, but Korea blocks him with one!!

9:30 pm 10 hours ago

Dominican strikes again

Emilio Bonifacio again for the racket

9:29 PM 10 hours ago

Dominican Republic saves!!

The beating was tied but the Dominican players spoiled the Asian team’s aspirations forward, 4-0 continues to count

9:28 PM 10 hours ago

Finally out of Korea

Kyoung Min hit singles to advance

9:22 PM 10 hours ago

Start hitting South Korea

Raul Valdes starts shooting for the Dominican Republic

9:21 PM 10 hours ago

The first transformation ends and the Dominican Republic rises

A very good start for the Caribbeans who took the opportunity to move forward

10 hours ago

Another race!!!

Another point for the Dominicans 4-0

10 hours ago

Whole house for the Dominicans

Bautista shoots well and with a 3-0 lead they are about to increase the score

10 hours ago

The Dominicans are trying to increase the account

Jose Bautista hits but it’s wrong

10 hours ago

Simply connect the Dominican

The mixture believes in the first rule

10 hours ago

Korea started losing a lot of ground at first

With only one among the Dominicans, they are already 3-0 below

9:08 PM 10 hours ago

Repeat Home Run Dominican!!!!

A great blow to Juan Francisco in my heart!!!! 3-0

10 hours ago

Home run deep left!!!!

Julio Rodriguez sends it deeply! 2-0 over the Dominican Republic

9:05 PM 10 hours ago

Dominican Bat

Bonifacio advances to third base

10 hours ago

Great blow!!

Dominicans reach second base

10 hours ago

knit primer

1 ball and 2 hits

10 hours ago

Formal business begins

The two teams are on the playing field and the Dominican Republic anthems are played, then the South Korean anthem.

10 hours ago

The heroes come out on the field and the judges

Kevin Sweeney of the United States will be Chief Justice

10 hours ago

Who are the players who will start the game?

Korea manager Kyung Moon Kim has announced 26-year-old Min-Woo Kim as his starting player, and Hector Borg has named left-back Raul Valdes, 43, as a starter.

10 hours ago

South Korea squad

Korea del Sur: Hae Min Park (CF), Baek Ho Kang (BD), Jung Hoo Lee (LF), Hyun Soo Kim (1B), Min Ho Kang (C), Kun Woo Park (RF), Ji Hwan Ho ( SS), Kyoung Min Hur (3B), Hye Seong Kim (2B).

10 hours ago

Dominican Republic squad

Dominican Republic: Emilio Bonifacio (CF), Eric Mejia (3B), Julio Rodriguez (RF), Juan Francisco (1B), Johan Messis (LF), Milky Cabrera (BD), Roldani Baldwin (centre), Jason Guzman (SS) , Gustavo Nunez (2b).

11 hours ago

Duel with the smell of revenge

The Dominicans and the Koreans met at the start of the tournament with the Asians winning 4-3, so the Caribbean will try to avenge by hanging the bronze and giving happiness to their country that did not win a medal in team sports.

11 hours ago

Third place: a matter of honor

The match is approaching and promises a good match, the Dominican Republic will seek to end a very good participation in the tournament and South Korea will try to impose its hierarchy and expertise so as not to return home empty-handed.

7:39 PM 12 hours ago

Don’t take off from here to watch the Dominican Republic and South Korea match live

7:34 PM 12 hours ago

How to watch the match between the Dominican Republic and South Korea live?

7:29 PM 12 hours ago

What time is the Dominican Republic and South Korea match?

7:24 PM 12 hours ago

Featured Player – South Korea

7:19 PM 12 hours ago

Featured Player – Dominican Republic

7:14 PM 12 hours ago

Results – South Korea

7:09 PM 12 hours ago

Results – Dominican Republic

7:04 PM 12 hours ago

Koreans give up their crown

The Asians will cease to be the title holders in a few hours, but will seek some solace in trying to achieve a victory that will allow them to appear on the medal table.

6:59 PM 12 hours ago

The Dominican Republic won its first baseball medal

The Dominican team is seeking to turn the page on defeat in the semi-finals to win the bronze medal and get the first medal in this sport at the Olympic Games.

5:54 PM 12 hours ago


6:49 PM 12 hours ago

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