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Summary of America’s match against Albrijes (7-0).  Objectives

Summary of America’s match against Albrijes (7-0). Objectives

he America played a friendly match to keep up the pace league for the break they got for him re This weekend, he was enjoying the luxury Albrijes crushed 7-0 in it Aztec Stadiumwhose entry was very poor despite fencing selling as Greeting for Henry Martin.

Fernando “El Tano” Ortiz He started with practically only a starting lineup Oscar Jimenez And Emilio Lara They were not part of what the strategist would normally use, the rest were the usual ones.

The celebrant is the first

the Bluecream party It started very early, with 16 minutes on the clock Henry Martin Send the ball into the net through penalty. People asked him about it and that was why he was the one who accused her.

players America They understood that it was a game in which it was not necessary to demand from themselves, They laughed Just to make a presentation to the public, because the infection days after the start league It would be unforgivable.

Cream artillery was detected

In the second half, Tanu tried local playersMaybe the renewal has not been locked yet, but you know that you must see a file Young If they persist and give them a chance at First team, And they answered him.

Targets fell on groups, first Carlos Cano appeared and then Patrick Salas Making it 3-0, those two items followed American strategistThat is why they appear in this game.

The Albrigis also put their children in and America took advantage of that to increase the score by goals from them Roger Martinez And Brian RodriguezTwo players who could live out their last days at the club.

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by the end of the game, faucet He reappeared inside the area to order the ball to be put into the enemy’s net, then a penalty kick was awarded from before Salvador Reyessealing a win that only serves America to get a good rhythm and state of mind for big party.

The Eagles will await results this weekend at re affiliate End of 2023 to meet his rival Quarterfinals.

America vs. Brigis | perfect match