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Success in UJED Preparatory Day School Basic Science Competition – Call Today

Success in UJED Preparatory Day School Basic Science Competition – Call Today

In the context of its 63rd anniversary, the Preparatory Day School (EPD) of the University of Juárez, Durango (UJED) has successfully implemented the 23rd edition of the Traditional Basic Science Competition. Nearly 300 young people, representing 54 quintets from various higher secondary education institutions in the state, participated in the competition, with Diorna's quintet taking third place in the competition.

Cristian Salazar Mercado, Academic Secretary of the EPD Department, expressed his satisfaction with the development of the event that concluded the building's 63rd anniversary celebrations. The participation of more than 30 institutions of higher secondary education from various subsystems, both public and private, from various municipalities in the state emerged.

The competition, which grows every year, is known for promoting healthy and fun competition among students. Salazar Mercado thanked the presence of the jury consisting of experts from the College of Chemical Sciences, the College of Exact Sciences, the Technological Institute of Durango, and the Durango State Science and Technology Council.

Three quintets participated in the competition, and one of them won third place. Subjects tested included mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Students had four hours to take the exams, and the results were announced later.

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