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Study in Iceland finds good results in a 4-day workweek | Univision Mundo News

4 working days a week, instead of the current five, gave good results in the new research that was made in Iceland Posted in independenceIt is a progressive think tank based in the United Kingdom.

The conclusions of this work indicate that “worker welfare increased significantly in a wide range of indicators, from ، Perceived stress of fatigue, also passes Balance between health, work and life“.

To develop this study, the researchers followed 2500 employees who reduced their working hours to four days, by 36 hours, without reducing their monthly salaries. Participants are public servants from various places such as Hospitals, schools, social services or offices.

In all cases, not only did their mental health and general well-being improve, but also your productivity, one of the common interests of employers, has not only been preserved but also improvement in some cases.

The study was conducted in Iceland is a country with a population of 356,000 people Where most employees work 40 hours a week and where it is illegal to work more than 13 hours a day.

The hours the workers got were satisfactory because they were able to devote them to focus on other activities beneficial to mental and physical health How to play sports and socialize.

“These tests are an incredible success in the history of reducing working time, because The interest of workers all over the worldStudy highlights.

Flexibility to work

This is the result of negotiations by Icelandic unions about working hours and other aspects of work flexibility to better reconcile personal life and work.

“This study shows that the largest article on a shorter work week in the public sector It was, by all indications, a smash success.” The Director of Research at Center for the Study of Autonomy, Will Strong.

He added, “This indicates that The public sector is ready to be a pioneer In shortening the workweek, it is a lesson other governments can learn.”

The idea of ​​a 4-day work week is coming up in public debate in many countries, including UK or Spain. The British Parliament is considering creating a committee to implement a similar project for Iceland. Spanish political party Environmentalist Moore Country has left, the second power in the autonomous government of Madrid, takes this proposal as one of its main ideas.