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Strong message from Ingrid Bettencourt to Gustavo Pedro for "warehouses of hatred"

Strong message from Ingrid Bettencourt to Gustavo Pedro for “warehouses of hatred”

Former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, who has shown his support for Rodolfo Hernández’s campaign, criticized the digital strategy used by today’s president-elect, Gustavo Pedro, to win the last election day on Sunday, June 19.

He said this through his personal Twitter account. Bettencourt questioned the ‘politics of love’ that the left-wing leader was talking about. As happened to actress and singer Marbel, hate attacks are created from its cellars.

“We all know that there are hate warehouses and that @petrogustavo was created as a ploy to come to power. #PetroBastaYa If your true policy is love, order the removal of hate warehouses. Ingrid Betancourt tweeted that there are no more attacks on dissidents like @ Marbelle30.

In his trilogy, the French-Colombian insisted on it From Gustavo Pedro’s cellars they attack anyone who thinks differently and disagrees with him.

It should be remembered that this position of Ingrid Betancourt was preceded by Pedro’s victory in the referendum against Rodolfo Hernández. Won, he will leave the country. In this sense, beyond teasing and bullying, the actress is indifferent to what they write to her.

We must not forget that just minutes before we learned that Pedro had won the election, Marbel had mocked his opponents. “Don’t worry, I’m leaving all the ‘poop’ for you.”

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