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Strengthen your arms at home with this exercise routine | Your city news cafe

>> We are back toMiami Show, “The News Fell”.Let’s talk about exercisesdo at home easily,specially forarms. A great friend camefitness expert,This makes us feel good.Of course, movementLife and you have to be in itcontinuous movement. you haveTo think about how you are goingfeel after doingPlaying sports.Sure, but I knowI tell my husband I don’tExercise, is how I feel.Even the mind.One is more obvious. up onehappier to work,Today we will devote ourselves toWeapons that are theme.>> We really have a lotDo it now. but we canFix with these exercises.I like to collect itGather them so we can workSeveral úsculos at the same time.>> will sit,Right back and you are going toTighten the abdominal muscles.They view this as very importantThose cute toned arms.We activate the abdomen andlegs. It’s a workoutEasy. currentlyLightweight, no needYou put a lot of weight on it.Let’s think between 20:30representatives. second exerciseseía iceps.Let’s activate the bellyAnd bring several ways to do itDo it. This is the waySimple, bend over here,The back is very straight.This is the second part inWhere if you feel strong,Lift your feet off the ground,More abdominal muscle activation tokeep you in itStand now if you canstretch your feet andAngled, keep going.I promise it feelsat all. You have toto narrow.>> Now, believe me, we will[hablan a la vez]Remember that very nowiron fashionThis is what we will do the same.There are three levels to do this.Let’s start on the groundRevitalize the abdomen.ready.when we exercise,Think about pressure.I think so when you knowVery focused on activitiesImportance.It’s excellent. Today I’m going torehearsing. It is beautiful and healthy.You know thank you very much.They always greet me in a very nice way

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