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Strata values ​​UNER’s Faculty of Economics’ commitment to diversity

Strata values ​​UNER’s Faculty of Economics’ commitment to diversity

Paraná, April 13 (APFDigital)

It was within the framework of a declaration of interest whose decision was delivered by Lieutenant Governor Laura Strata on Thursday to Academic Unit Dean Sebastian Perez regarding a graduate course to be dictated by the faculty called “Managing Diversity in Organizations.”

Strategies and tools for integrating and promoting diverse talent.

Lieutenant Governor Laura Strata this Thursday delivered to the Dean of the School of Economics at the University of New Orleans the Entre Rios Senate Presidency Decree declaring interest in completing the graduate course “Managing Diversity in Organizations.” Strategies and tools for integrating and promoting diverse talent.

“I would like to congratulate those who are part of this institution for taking the lead in such an important initiative for society, and above all to celebrate their commitment to building a horizon of equity and inclusion that represents more and better development opportunities for the people of Entre Ríos,” Strata stated in the meeting with Dean Sebastian Perez held in the Vice Government Hall and was also attended by the College’s Chair of Diversity and Inclusion, Silvina Ferreira, Nathalie Bejar, Director of the Course, Alumni Jonathan Acuña and Sigrid Kunath, Coordinator of the Gender and Human Rights Observatory, the organization through which the institutional collaboration took place to implement the proposal.

“It is a proposal submitted by the Faculty of Economic Sciences within the framework of the Diversity Committee. The number of attendees exceeded the expectations that we had at the beginning. This is due to the importance of the topic and how it penetrates the bodies, companies and private institutions. We are very convinced and very committed to the topic and we believe that this proposal will reach the various attendees in a very comprehensive way.” Dean Perez said. He also highlighted that Entre Ríos has a “pioneering” gender law and added: “We have realized in dialogues with business chambers and with public organizations that it is a requirement for training, reflection and ideas and we want to achieve this goal.”

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Meanwhile, he explained from the Department of Diversity and Inclusion at Silvina Ferreira College, “Management is the management of resources: materials and abilities, like capabilities, in the pursuit of goals. It was a company or business that contributes to its profitability and in the public sector for example the contribution of inclusive policies.For this, we understand that it is necessary to understand what diversity is, what are some measures that we must take, or strategies that must be developed to work with diversity.In the end it will be The goal here is equality and inclusion.”

• About the graduates

The postgraduate course “Managing Diversity in Organizations” seeks to enhance and enhance the skills, capabilities and competencies necessary to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion perspectives into the strategic and holistic management of human talent. The proposal starts tomorrow, April 14, and is divided into 7 units that will be studied in a mixed way.

The course proposes, among other objectives, to analyze the role of organizations in society and their collaboration in building justice and inclusion; Foster a space for reflection on diversity management, understood as a competitive advantage for organizations and participate in the development of strategies and action plans to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations. (APF digital)