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Starlink’s new satellites will fly low for good reason for users

Starlink’s new satellites will fly low for good reason for users

Starlink is seeking to improve its navigation service by bringing its satellite network closer to Earth. How far will the next generation of satellites fall?

Current Starlink satellites are located more than half a thousand kilometers from Earth. Wikipedia

Starlink technology aims to revolutionize the way people access the Internet. It’s about Particularly interesting satellites in those areas that are difficult to reach For installation of traditional optical fiber or copper cables. It is now known that the orbit of this network of space modules will be closer to Earth for good reason. what is the point? Reduce latency Thus improving its performance.

The Starlink network will improve its performance through the proximity of its satellites

The next generation of Starlink satellites It will be placed in orbit at a distance of about 350 km From our planet. The current one is located about 550 kilometers away, so it is Proximity improved by 36%, which is expected to cause a noticeable increase in performance. The medium-term goal is to achieve connectivity very similar to that currently available through traditional channels, a challenge that could revolutionize the way the network is accessed.

Starlink satellite group

The Starlink satellite network could be located about 350 kilometers from the planet in its next generation. Wikipedia

Currently, it has been achieved Enjoy a latency of around 28msBut the goal is to achieve less than 20 ms in the medium term by adopting this type of solution. Starlink network, according to A Official letter, On June 8, it sent a new line of up to 20 satellite units To put them into orbit. This is a very interesting move, which 13 of them are enjoying Direct contact technologyan experimental service that may be key to understanding the future of this product.

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New launches are expected to be carried out over the next few months to fill space with these devices. However, one still has to rely on US Federal Communications Commission approvalIt is the body that regulates the installation of this type of technology in orbit with the Earth. This organization associated with the American state government believes that Starlink It can carry up to 19,440 satellite units About 350 kilometers from the planet.

Register for Starlink service It is already possible in many countries, so after a few days you will receive the tools you need to cover the satellite network. This is the revolutionary system that is expected Able to improve its competitiveness in the medium and long term Through a series of different strategies. There is no doubt that integrating the satellite belt closer to the Earth’s surface will have a direct impact on performance, latency and network connectivity.

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