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Sportradar launches a video on the well-being of athletes

Sportradar launches a video on the well-being of athletes

The video aims to help partners educate their players on the potential impact of sports betting.

press release.- Sportradar Group AG Today announced the launch Free video tutorial It is part of your programme Athlete’s well-being Available to your Integrity Services Association partners and the governing body.

As shown in the trailer, available for viewing here, the documentary-style video shows how legal sports betting can affect the mental health of athletes and Reflects Sportradar’s commitment to providing solutions and supporting stakeholders in the growing sports betting ecosystem.

In addition to program partners Athlete’s well-beingfrom experts in the fields of mental health and responsible gaming, the video also features the former professional soccer player and two-time gold medalist Lindsey Tarpley SnowProfessional baseball player Garrett Whitlock and a current college basketball player Conor McCaffrey Share their stories and views on this issue.

the program Athlete’s well-being From sportradar Provides resources and support to help partners educate athletes about any potential harm associated with sports betting and sheds light on the potential impact of sports betting on athletes. Leagues and governing bodies that sign up for Sportradar’s Athlete Wellness program will be able to provide their athletes with:

  • A greater appreciation of the potential impact of sports betting on your mental health.
  • Increase awareness of the signals and how to deal with what they may be feeling.
  • A better understanding of the resources available to help them.

the program Athlete’s well-being It is part of the overall strategy of Sportradar Integrity Services To protect the integrity of sports competitions through monitoring, research and education.

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