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Las dos especialidades que están a punto de agotarse en la asignación MIR

Specializations closest to exhaustion

Moments before the MIR 2022 exam.

The disciplines closest to being exhausted in The third mission shift MIR 2022، Plastic and reconstructive surgery s cardiologyAccording to data published by the Ministry of Health.

Among the 51 places in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery 48 . has already been awardedwhich represents 94.12 percent of the available places, so there are only three left for this major to run out at MIR 2022. For his part, The Department of Cardiology offered 190 placesOf which 115 . has already been selected, 60.53 percent. Therefore, there are still 75 freestylers, which is 39.47 percent.

In addition to Surgical medical dermatologywhat or what All places are already sold out115, next in order of disciplines closest to exhaustion in the third mission shift MIR 2022 is Forensic medicine and forensic medicine that will open this year. This “beginner” specialization in MIR offers eight places, of which Three have already been awarded.

How were places allocated for the second round?

The daily report on the development of places allocation on April 30, carried out by the General Directorate of Professional Organization of the Ministry of Health, states that in the second period of medicine, 400 applications for places were submitted, The applicant requested to move to another session (Applicant with Order No. 511 to No. 801) and Another applicant from the first session was selected for this session (Applicant No. 38 to No. 401).

Next to, The applicant did not apply for a place. There were no PWD transfer applicants and six non-community transfer applicants. 399 places were awarded, and all applicants who applied this shift (7391 left). awarded Five seats from the foreign quota (320 places left) and no disability quota remains (573 places left).

The allocation of the display of places in the surgical dermatology specialty has been completed Requisition number 721.

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