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Toyota 4Runner 40 aniversario

Special Edition “40th Anniversary” and 2023 Collection

The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Toyota 4Runner has begun and for this reason, a special edition has been included in its 2023 update.



Toyota 4Runner It reaches the “fourth floor” and of course this is a fact that cannot pass as if it were nothing. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mid-size SUV, the Japanese manufacturer presented a special edition Which draws attention with its distinctive exterior design.

With this version, the brand evokes the old times of the car and shapes aesthetics Inspired by vintage Depends on equipment level 5 riyals premium From the current range, and like other variants, it receives updates corresponding to the 2023 model / year.

In general, 4Runner receives improvements in security side Well, it has added blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert functions as standard. Of course, the anniversary edition has its own character Exclusive features.

Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary

Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary

Toyota 4Runner ’40’

Those who get a 40-year-old version of the new Toyota 4Runner will be able to choose between exterior colors: White, Barcelona Red Metallic and glossy black It is the most impressive of all. also contain Bronze alloy wheels 17 inches

Front grill features a slot dark finish With the letters “TOYOTA” in the middle. The special detail on this model that gives it the vintage look chosen by the brand is line graph in yellow, orange and red from the headlights to the “C” column where they are marked.

The same decoration was applied to the radiator grille and 40th Anniversary Badges It carries the same style of classic lines, on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. There, on the boat, there Softtex seats Black with bronze stitching and more commemorative plaques.

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Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary

Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary

Under the hood is a popular 4.0-liter V6 engine with the power to deliver 270 hp and 376 Nm of torque. We know the transmission is a five-speed automatic with all-wheel drive. This 4Runner Special Edition is limited to 4040 units.

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Jessica Paula Vera Garcia.