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Son by Four presents her hopeful song "What you were started"

Son by Four presents her hopeful song “What you were started”

Puerto Rican band Son by Four, who in 2000 achieved worldwide success with “A puro Dolor” and later transformed Christian music, has promoted their new single “Lo que Has Begun”.

“God has begun a good work in us and will complete it, if we cooperate with His grace,” Jorge Montes, one of the three Son by Four members, said in a press release on Saturday.

“This song reminds us of this great teaching and the truth of faith. Being able to look back and see how God’s word and its promises come true today and always. It is a reason to give glory to God and give Him all our lives.”

Montes also said that the subject of “what you started” reminds us that “in hard times and adversities, in nights of suffering and downfall, we know that God is with us and what began in you and in me will end.”

The topic contains a music video featuring Colombian actor Andres Sandoval, the star of the Netflix series “La Reina del Flow”.

Before the song “What you were started”, the latest song released by Son by Four was “Tu Voluntad” in August 2020.

As Montes explained to Efe at the time, the idea for composing “Your Will” came about during a sermon by Pope Francis in 2019, where he thought about the topic of doing God’s will.

Montes recalls “What is the will of God embodied in Jesus?: striving for and preserving what is lost.”

Son By Four’s latest record production, “Woman in Front of the Cross,” was successful in being nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2015, in the Best Christian Album category.

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In 2000, the group achieved success with the song “A puro Dolor”, from the album “Son by Four”, presented by then-rapper Angel Lopez.

The song came to stay for five months at the top of Billboard magazine’s “Hot Latin Tracks” and as a result of its success began to be heard in countries such as Germany, Argentina, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico and Switzerland, as well as in Asia, where production in the Japanese version was sold out.

But after the group auditioned for “fame, money, red carpets, and flights in private jets” they split up in 2003.

In 2007, the group launched their first Christian musical production “Aquí está el Cordero”, followed by “Abba Nuestro” (Our Father), “Católico soy” and “Mujer Frente a la Cruz”.