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Sofia Vergara presents the brand’s luxury swimwear that gives a wasp waist at 50

During the last days of your beach vacation, Sofia Vergara He blew us away when he designed his beauty Swimwear Signature blue and white Dolce & Gabbana Perfect for looks from 20 to 50.

The celebrity did not miss the opportunity to show off to her followers with her amazing collection of Swimsuits s bikini to give it up Wasp waist s Flat bellyTherefore, it is ideal for women over the age of fifty who want to look sexy and elegant even in beachwear.

If you are planning to start visiting a tourist destination that has a beach this year, you must continue reading to learn more about what the beach looks like. Sofia Vergaraso that you can get inspired and choose the perfect swimwear for your next vacation.

Sofia Vergara wears the perfect swimsuit to show off her perfect buttocks and flat stomach at 50

The beautiful actress and host had a fun beach vacation with her husband, Joe Manganiello. During her stay at Destination Firdawsiyya, the famous woman showed off her collection of SwimsuitsAmong them is the charming blue and white Dolce & Gabbana gown.

Sofia Vergara dazzles in a Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit | IG: sofiavergara

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Though Sofia Vergara was able to show off her curves in a fuller swimsuit and bikini, this swimsuit featured a stunningly rejuvenating design that eliminates the wasp waist and flat stomach at 50.

According to the same followers of the celebrity, this swimsuit gave Sofia Vergara a more youthful look. And to complete the elegant Dolce & Gabbana look, the Colombian also wore a skimpy gown in the same style as her swimsuit.

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Sofia Vergara presents her collection of swimwear that’s perfect for looking sexy at 50

Apparently, the celebrity really enjoyed this vacation in which she allowed herself to design a collection of swimwear that gives a slim and sexy figure.

white bathing suit

On these vacations, Sofia Vergara also wore a bench swimsuit that gave a flat stomach and made her look elegant and sophisticated. This type of bodysuit is ideal for accentuating your skin tone, as it acts as a luminizer on your skin. Plus, it’s perfect for streamlining your natural curves.

Sofia Vergara flaunts her flat stomach in a white swimsuit | IG: sofiavergara

black bikini

The black bikini is a classic for any season of the year, so you must have the bikini that helps you look stylish and slimmer. If you want to define your waist even more, we recommend that you go for something similar to Sofia Vergara’s high waist with details on the sides of the panties.

The black bikini that gives a wasp waist | IG: sofiavergara

Take advantage of your next vacation to test out Sofia Vergara’s swimwear. We assure you that you will look much slimmer and look even from 20 to 50