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Snowden insta a no intercambiar los datos biométricos por criptomonedas Worldcoin

Snowden urges not to exchange biometric data for cryptocurrency from Worldcoin


October 25, 2021 17:51 GMT

The new cryptocurrency Worldcoin is being distributed free of charge in exchange for scanning the irises of the participants in the initiative.

Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the CIA and National Security Agency, has urged against exchanging biometric data for the new cryptocurrency Worldcoin, whose promoters are offering users for free in exchange for iris scanning.

Snowden wrote on his Twitter account: “It appears to be a global database of retinal scanners. The developers seem to be dodging the consequences beforehand by saying that all data will be erased.”

Similarly, the expert advised people not to give their biometric data to third parties in general. “Actually, don’t use biometrics at all,” he summed up.

  • New cryptocurrency worldcoin It is distributed free of charge with the aim, according to its promoters, of achieving the widest possible dissemination of digital assets and giving every human on the planet access to technology.
  • In contrast, the founders of the project ask to survey Participants irises to ensure that people don’t get their share of Worldcoins twice. So far, more than 130,000 people I received cryptocurrency through this initiative.