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Six leaders of criminal gangs transferred from Santo Domingo prison |  Security |  News

Six leaders of criminal gangs transferred from Santo Domingo prison | Security | News

After the massacre in the Santo Domingo de los Cachaillas prison, which has left 44 dead so far, the Ministry of the Interior has ordered the transfer of six criminal gang leaders to other centers of deprivation of liberty in Guayaquil.

The State Department stated that five criminals were transferred to Laroca and one to Littoral prison.

Prosecutor confirms 44 inmates killed in Santo Domingo prison riot; The government says most of the deaths were from knives

And the ministry posted on social media, “This response deserves a resounding endorsement from the Department of Justice to maintain order in the prison system.”

The president added that the goal is to restore order in the prisons, as an example of that, the order was issued to mobilize the leaders of criminal organizations.

Along these lines, the Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, added that what happened in Santo Domingo prison “was cruelty by a criminal gang that committed the same actions a month ago in Azuay”, in Torre prison, in Basin.

The two events occurred due to clashes between the Los Lobos gang and a segment that broke away from them, R7. The minister explained that in the latest massacre that took place last Monday, Los Lobos members attacked and eliminated 41 members of the rival organization R7.

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Carrillo indicated that the mechanisms of accumulating sentences must be reviewed and those involved in the May 9 massacre should be prevented from benefiting. Additionally, he said they should be subject to a more demanding disciplinary system.

What we are seeing is not the problem of institutions, but the problem of people. This is a state problem and we have to solve it from the state. It is not a topic or question that we should direct only to the director of the institute or the director of the correctional center. Carrillo stressed that this is an issue that calls for a review of some circumstances and work on prevention.

The six leaders removed from the Santo Domingo prison complex arrived in Guayaquil around 9:00 pm. The Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, General Fausto Salinas, stated in this regard Freddy Ancondia, also known as OncondiaR7 gang leader, He had previously been imprisoned in La Roca, but left there and was sent to the Santo Domingo prison because he had legal recourse in his favour.

What caused the riots in Santo Domingo prison? Transfer, habeas corpus and banding division, are among the reasons

Identification of the first 20 bodies

Meanwhile, at around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed that of the 44 bodies admitted to the Forensic Medical Center in Santo Domingo de los Cachaillas, 20 had already been identified. Meanwhile, the analyzes involved continue to identify other victims.

And the state portfolio announced that until Tuesday, May 10, the complete bodies are expected to be handed over to relatives.

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For its part, the Human Rights Secretariat announced that it has been arranged to donate the plants to those who need them.

In addition, in coordination with the Ministry of Economic and Social Integration (MIES), the Santo Domingo Provincial Council for the Protection of Rights and the Ministry of Public Health, a tent was set up outside the mortuary to serve the relatives of the deceased. (me)