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Sinkhole swallows football field in America: Shocking video!

Sinkhole swallows football field in America: Shocking video!

¡Awesome! When security cameras capture the exact moment a sinkhole opens a portion and swallows In the field of football In the state of Illinois, EU The hole is about 30.5 meters wide, nine meters deep and according to local media, it was created by a Underground mining

Property New border products.

It happened inside the sports facilities Gordon Moore Park In the city AltonAnd when the earth suddenly sinks completely In the field of football, Between two large fields; In fact, you can see in the pictures how “swallow” completely a light pole and does it in a few seconds.

Interesting event! Giant sinkhole swallows football field in US

Fortunately, and despite the spectacular nature of the images, the event occurred at a time when the facilities were empty, so there were no casualties or injuries: “No one was injured in the incident, which was reported to the Mine Safety and Health Administration in accordance with applicable regulations.“said a representative of the company that owns the Underground mining.

A worker New frontier products He added, “Safety is our priority. We will work with the city to resolve this issue as quickly and safely as possible.”.

Collapsing in shock! A sinking moment on a soccer field in America

Neighbors Alden And surrounding areas are concerned about the safety of other nearby areas mine Therefore, in addition to other precautionary measures, they are demanding that a series of thorough inspections be carried out, the media reported.

Meanwhile, local authorities are analyzing the motive and continuing investigations into what happened sinkhole Therefore, the community remains alert for updates on when the play facilities at Gordon Moor Park may reopen and be safe for public use.

Sinkhole swallows soccer field in America: Shocking video! | “618 Drone Service”

Why does a sinkhole form?

The A creation Sinkhole

It is a combination of various factors that cause erosion and decline the ground.

  • Suffusion itching
  • Soil degradation
  • Rock dissolution
  • Landscape changes
  • Landslide
  • Earthquakes and Geological Faults.

It should be noted that Formation of a sinkhole This is usually a gradual process; However, in some cases it can occur suddenly and represents a significant risk to the safety of people and infrastructure.

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