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El mensaje de Simón al futuro de la Medicina en clave Salud Pública

Simon’s letter to the future of medicine in public health major

Fernando Simon, Director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies.

02 September 2022 AD 12:00 AH

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Given the crisis that some medical specialties are going through that do not fall within the preferences of MIR applicants, such as Primary health care also Public HealthDirector of the Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center at the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simon, addressed the future of medicine to emphasize that “there are no better or worse disciplines”, but “the best and worst professionals”. Furthermore, the public health expert encouraged students to consider these “less known” options at election time. “I would encourage you to choose family medicine or public health and preventive medicine. Or, at least, take them into consideration”The epidemiologist, during his speech at the Sixth Conference of the Activist and Public Health, recalled the “damage” caused by the lack of professionals in these areas to the National Health System (SNS) …

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