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Should Cruz Azul wear a new uniform at Clausura 2023?

Should Cruz Azul wear a new uniform at Clausura 2023?

There are several changes coming to Cruz Azul to close 2023, so fans are wondering if the outfit is among them. Is Juma still around?

The domestic uniform that Cruz Azul played in Apertura 2022.
© imago 7The domestic uniform that Cruz Azul played in Apertura 2022.

Opening ends 2022 and with it Cruz Azul will start writing a new history Opposite Closing 2023Where it is expected to be Big changes since La Noriathe prime factor, as it is known, refers to sports managerand once it arrives, the identification of the campus will begin and with it there will be more movements on the campus.

This is why cement hobby He began to wonder if Between the expected transformation of the machine The outfit to be worn by the next tournament will also be included, or if it is cement equipment He still has a contract with Jumathe brand that was born big controversy after opening The ninth star.

and that is Juma was not in hero heightwe will It never ceases to amaze Both fans and Private Cement Corporation with simplicity Apparel and formal products put up for salereferring to the title Machine won yet 23 yearss, so unleash discontent From followers as well as from within blue crossso it was very close to ending a necklace that unites them

And so, since then, all the lights have indicated a continuity It was Cruz Azul with Juma And also for the candidates who signed up to be the new brand that would wear the Blue Sky team, and among them are awesome international companies Famous Like Adidas and Nike.

How long is Cruz Azul’s contract with Joma?

Finally, the cement directive is accepted Continuing with the contract already signed with JOMA, However, I managed to reduce the time Powerwho was originally Signed up to 2024since then ferris wheel They had negotiated for him Termination of association with the Spanish brand in June 2023This one time Closing end 2023.

in this way, official wear feet for Opening 2022 will be the Last celestial team used with the letter “J” In the box, the same he will also carry blue cross The next tournament, because it must be remembered that the clothes are valid for the whole season.

at the same time Latest design launched by Joma In his time as a patron of MachineAnd the It will be the latest released special clothes mark World Cup Qatar 2022 and support mexican national team, Where it is expected that at least two cement workers Her presence: Charlie Rodriguez and Uriel Antona.

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