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shells?  Fernando Hierro's policy for the recruitment of footballers in Chivas

shells? Fernando Hierro’s policy for the recruitment of footballers in Chivas

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Guadalajara’s new sporting director decided to make the selection of potential reinforcements for the flock.


Chivas’ internal restructuring continues to take resolute steps to build a new sports project led by Fernando Hierro and coach Veliko PaunovicWhere is the Spanish director? It will already be clear about the profile in which the recruitment will be carried out During his administration at the head of Guadalajara.

During the previous administration, Ricardo Pelaez, El Rebaño has made a solid investment to hire many of the most important football players at the momentand carry out many bombings such as rent Christian Calderon, Jesus Angulo and Victor Guzman; However, this policy will not apply to the former Real Madrid player.

a The source confirmed to Rebaño Pasión what dDecisions regarding the merger will be comprehensive to try to select the players who wear the Rugiblanco properlywhere they will not be carried away by footballers who are having great moments in another institution, but already align with the profile to get into the institution.

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Do you think Chivas will be among the best quarries in the world?

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In other words, Explosions will not be carried out with difficulty, but they will be insignificant playersThey perform their duties fully on and off the field of play. Waiting for the football to be completed in Guadalajara.

What is the next step for Chivas?

With the appointment of Helmsman Veliko Paunovic, there is more clarity about what is to come in Guadalajara, Because he will meet with Fernando Hierro to jointly determine the campus group For the next semester together For the action plan that will start on November 14 When footballers report medical and physical examinations.

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