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She wanted to invite her husband to a hotel in Miami and got an unpleasant surprise

She wanted to invite her husband to a hotel in Miami and got an unpleasant surprise

This includes traveling to Miami Unconsidered costsEspecially if you are looking for accommodation Brickell is one of the most expensive and prosperous parts of the city.

So it happened to a woman She wanted to have a great vacation with her husband, but she got a surprise that confused her. They had been planning that outing for a long time, so her Not thinking that he would immediately regret that decision, he offered to pay the hotel.

The story he shared Your TikTok accountThe girl got more than one laugh from many users of that social network because despite the stress she was going through He said it very funny. He looked on the bright side of things and shared with his virtual community to make them smile.

It turns out Her husband booked a few days of vacation together, But she felt it would be better to shoulder some of the expenses of the trip, such as accommodation. “You can see well and I did not bring so much money”, he later recounted, revealing that his experience took on another nuance when he looked at the accounts.

This was his experience when he traveled to Brickell, Miami

She realized that the traveler was at the establishment’s reception to confirm their dates The prices were out of his budget. The hotel worker told her the total cost was for six days, but she tried to negotiate: “I don’t know if I can even pay for half a night.

So the content creator He chose to ask the worker to reduce the rateAlbeit in a humorous way: “Don’t have a cheap one? If you hit me behind the kitchen…”, refer to the fact that any space in the hotel can serve as a bedroom, regardless of whether it is used elsewhere.

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Of course the man refused. “Madam, no sale, this is a hotel”, the man would have insisted. So the woman forced her husband to give her the money, ending her desire to cover the expenses.

Brickell is the most posh and sought-after part of Miamipixabay

Finally, according to her clip, the story had a good ending, and there was no problem settling in her room, but the previous stress she experienced made her sweat: “I paid my husband if he would give me his card. Money from him,” she continued. With this story he made a reflection for all his followers:It is the thought that matters“, Mt.

Users of the social network responded positively and expressed their opinions in the comments section: “You would have said (to the husband) ‘I told you one night’.”; “It’s a good thing your husband had the money, if it had happened to me, my husband wouldn’t have stepped in”; “That’s why every time I go to Miami I stay with my uncles,” they parted.