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She lived in Spanish and Miami for only three months, because of the bad contrast with her country: “It didn’t happen as expected”

The American dream is not the same for everyone. On the one hand, there are those who are happy in America, and on the other, there are those who regret leaving their countries of birth. That’s what happened Tatiana GisielWho is a Spanish TikToker? She moved to Miami to be a model and live in the best of luxuries. You didn’t stay. After three months of trying, he returned to his hometown with a clear idea of ​​what it would be like to live in America.

The content creator wanted to teach his followers about the concept of the North American country. He narrated his experience through his TikTok channel (@tatianakisiel): “It’s going to be permanent, but it’s not happening as expected… I tell you that 90% of the Spaniards who are going to live in America are coming back or thinking of coming back,” he assured.

Obviously, The way of life on American soil did not fully meet their expectations. Her plans are to work as a model, buy “a lot” of clothes from well-known brands and live the long-awaited American dream. However, as time goes on, he realizes that none of the quirks he once loved really need. “I learned in Miami that money doesn’t make me happy”, he mentioned.

He told how his life was in Miami

Tatiana described how she became very depressed because she felt that the people of that country “live to work” unlike in her own country.: “Here in Spain we work to live and be happy. In addition, they spend everything pretending”, he highlighted.

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The young woman also revealed that sometimes people rent sports cars to pretend they have more purchasing power.

slowly, Too much care apparently made him lose interest in Miami And even for the activities I dreamed of the most: “(I thought) I’m in a really expensive nightclub in Miami and I’m not having a good time. Only then will you understand the wonderful quality of life we ​​have in Spain,” he emphasized.

So, three months was enough for him to return home with a clear idea of ​​what he really wanted for his future. “I saw myself surrounded by materialistic and unfortunate people(Because) I had to abuse things to have some fun, It was very sad”, added Spanish.

Living in Miami is the dream of many, but TikToker has verified that it's not as good as it seems.
Living in Miami is the dream of many, but TikToker has verified that it’s not as good as it seems.Unsplash

Content creator He ends his clip with a very clear teaching that he wants to leave with all his followers. First, she suggested that they live it from their own experience and not get carried away by anyone else’s opinions, including her own. He also urged them to appreciate what they have in their home countries before considering whether or not to immigrate to America.

The fun about projects is who you make them with, not the money you spend on them. “How your life looks is more important than what your life looks like on social media,” he concluded.