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Share a NASA robot photo of a door on Mars

Share a NASA robot photo of a door on Mars


Photo from Container shows a kind of A door carved into the rock on Mars It has caused a stir on social networks and sparked conspiracy theories that there could be life on this planet.

However, geologists provided a scientific explanation for this mysterious tunnel before the various versions that caused this photo to be taken by Curiosity, which has been orbiting the surface of Mars for nearly a decade and is exploring its territory. The specialists said so It may have formed naturallyaccording to the newspaper ABC.

On this planet they are in common “swamps”, also called earthquakes that occur there. “The last of which happened on May 4 this year, and despite the fact that the exact location is unknown, it is very likely that the reason was behind the aforementioned door, as the photo was recorded days later, specifically on May 7.” , select in ABC.

For their part, NASA scientists said that The interpretation of the “door” of Mars is in the picture itself, if you look at it in detail. This record shows evidence that this cave was formed through it “normal geological processes”, Professor Sanjeev Gupta from Imperial College London explained Daily Telegraph.

“A fracture is a fracture and it abounds on Mars and on Earth”, Even Gupta, who worked on the Curiosity mission with NASA, said. And the professor determined that inside this cave there is evidence of the presence of a ‘Crack or deep fissure’ into rock, which could have happened at any time during the past few hundreds of millions.

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on the British channel Sky Newswhere they echoed those statements, and specified that the “door” would besternum fracture” That is, earthquakes may have caused stress in the rock, causing it to crack and part of it to fall.

On the other hand, it will also have a role Point of viewbecause there are so many Zoom in this shot. Scientists on the team emphasized just how small the crack is: About 30 cm by 45A NASA spokesperson said intrudeIt is a fact-checking site.

That medium also insisted that NASA was sure that the “door” was just A small crack in the rock.