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Shakira’s lawyer responds to the appearance of Milan and Sasha in “Acrostic”: “The children are saved”

Shakira released the official video for the song “Acrostic” featuring Milan and Sasha

Shakira He brought many of his followers to tears with his official video.acrostic, Where he shows his beautiful relationship with his children Milan and SashaHe is shown playing the piano and singing. The clip reveals how they went through the process of leaving their lives in it Barcelona And they leave for a new country, where they have to start writing their new story.

However, although the clip received many positive comments in which they highlighted the role of the Colombian singer’s mother, others began to wonder if Gerrard Pique You can file a lawsuit for shaming your children. Suspicion arose because they remembered it Shakira He scolded the former footballer when he showed his son Milan during discussions Kings League.

But the singer’s lawyer, Pilar Mane He came to his defense and dispelled any doubt in the controversy.

“I think what Shakira does is always done well, and the kids are kept safe at all times,” he said. Europe Press He added, “The situation now is great. I have no news of a fault.”

In addition, mane He noted that the questions are “personal opinions. Well I don’t know. I can only give a legal opinion, not a personal one” and that now Shakira In Miami, and has a much quieter relationship with antiquities: “Everything is fixed, everything is fine. He goes to visit the children … everything works. You can rest now. “

This subject Shakira Dedicated to her children and saying in it “The only thing I want is your happiness and to be with you, a smile from you is my weakness, your love is like anesthesia to the pain”, she achieved many positive reactions and the singer. Colleagues told her to congratulate her

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Among the artists who interacted with “Acrostic” It is an Argentine product strangeHer friend, Alejandro Sanz, who shared the sweet subject on her Instagram stories, was also present, to whom she wrote “Dear Mother”.

His friend Alejandro Sanz was also in attendance and shared the video clip on his Instagram stories.

In recent days, rumors have surfaced about it Tom Cruise and Lewis Hamilton would be interested in ShakiraWell, they got caught with the singer. The first picture was on the day the artist came Miami Grand Prix She was accompanied by the actor Hollywood. Then the translator ‘routine’ She was seen in a well-known restaurant in the city, accompanied by the champion of cars.

The moment Shakira and Lewis Hamilton shared a dinner in Miami was captured on video. Credit: social media

But these rumors have been denied before Emilio Estefanwho confirmed that the artist is simply meeting with her close circle of friends, whom she met when she was living in Miami with them Antonio de la Rua.

“Shakira found success in Miami and in a way she grew up here. She had a home and kept in touch. Everyone supports her. She is like family to us,” the Cuban producer explained.

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