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Shakira suffers from a new betrayal. Meet the member who dumped her before Gerard Pique and Clara Shea Marty

bad time to Shakira It seems to never end and that after breaking up with Gerrard Piqueand rumors about his alleged infidelity with Chara Shea MartyHowever, the relationship was completely broken and they only see each other when they deal with their children’s issues. However, the Barranquillara woman suffered New betrayal And this time it was not from Catalan, although it is related to him, because A.S member from his house to leave of To leave with the ex-football player and the Spanish woman to work.

Without a doubt, these were very difficult months for her ShakiraWho didn’t just have to deal with press harassment after his break Gerrard PiqueBut also with the recovery of his father, William Mubarak, who is in the hospital. To these problems is now added New betrayal Someone very close to her and her family, and to whom her millions of followers have shown concern not only for the Barranquillara’s mental health, but now also for her physical well-being.