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Shakira offers Biko a millionaire agreement that the footballer rejects

Shakira offers Biko a millionaire agreement that the footballer rejects

Theto separate Shakira And Piqu continues to monopolize information for various media in the world. after, after 12 years together And two children together, the couple decided a few weeks ago to end their relationship. Now they will negotiate terms of separation, something that would not have happened yet.

According to the information contained in the programme YouTube “Gossip No Like”Shakira was going to introduce Barcelona player A Millionaire Show To come to terms with a series of proposals.

Among those proposals is Full support for their two childrenHe also offered to pay for five flights a year in first class so that Biko could see his children in his new city, which would be Miami.

Also, he has Milan s Sasha He could go on vacation during the summer with Gerard Picot. This is regarding the issue of children, but what was most surprising in the information released by the program was that the Colombian singer promised to help pay. 20% of the debt is $2.5 million The Barcelona defender suffers from legal problems in Spain.

Well, all these suggestions could have been Barcelona player rejected it. Although the lawyers representing Piqu will already work in a counter show They will present the team representing Shakira to try to reach an agreement as quickly as possible and that it does not take much time.

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