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Shakira explained whose idea it was to have Milan and Sasha appear in the “Acrostic” video.

Shukria’s pride in seeing her two children can show off the talent they inherited from the singer can be seen in the “Acrostic” video. YouTube screenshot

A few days after the release of the tablets with the presence of Milan and Sasha In many video plans, it was known that Gerrard Pique I will consider filing a lawsuit Shakira for unauthorized use for the image of her children, because the woman from Barranquilla did not ask permission. This information was revealed by Spanish media, which indicated that the former soccer player would be upset with the singer for not consulting him.

The most surprising thing about this case is that Gerard Pique knew his children were involved in this video clip, when the video clip saw the light. He did not know, and his permission was not asked, nor was his permission, nor were his children.“It seems they didn’t tell him either,” he added. Lauren Vasquez in antenna 3.

Shakira has fallen on hard times due to an alleged lawsuit that Gerard Pique will file, because he did not consult her that her children would appear in an Acrostic video. (Reuters)

Later, the journalist indicated that those close to the businessman confirmed that they were not fully aware that the children would be part of the video and that this contradicts what was expressed in a statement in which they demanded respect for the children’s privacy. Milan and Sasha “and suddenly they’re on a musical theme around the world”.

The song currently has more than 45 million views on his channel Youtube It was revealed what might put the alleged Catalan demand in trouble, as the Colombian shared, via a message on her Instagram account, the idea of ​​the presence of children in the video and in the explanation, as the children are the protagonists of this episode.

Shakira and her children, Milan and Sasha, in front of the piano in the “Acrostic” video. Youtube video capture.
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“both of them [Milan y Sasha] They shared it next to me in the studio and upon hearing this song dedicated to them, they asked me to share,” the singer initially wrote in the caption of the post’s photo.

There he confirmed his eldest son Milan Pique Mubarak, So far this year he wrote songs “that brought tears to my eyes” while Sasha He has spent hours sitting at the piano perfecting his technique and discovering his voice, as evidenced by the video.

Shakira enjoyed a yacht trip with her kids, just days after settling down in Miami with pilot Lewis Hamilton. Photo © 2023 Mega / Grosby Group

added: “They felt and interpreted it themselves and themselves, with the passion and feeling of those who carry the music within.”

With this admission, the artist made it clear that it was her children who had expressly asked that they wanted to be part of this production.

Shakira revealed her idea to have her children appear in the Acrostic video, after controversy that Gerard Pique might consider suing her. @shakira / Instagram

tablets It became one of the most anticipated songs from Barranquillera, as its fans eagerly waited for her to return this time with one of her songs, as happened with Fly home, January day also I’m here. However, he was once again in the eye of the hurricane, yet Paula Matthew And a Spanish singer confirmed that the artist had stolen one of her songs, her name I really told you.

This was announced by the woman, who shared part of the chorus of her song on her social networks, which seems to sound very similar to the one performed by the Colombian accompanied by her children. Milan and Sasha. According to the Spanish singer, it has become a habit in Shakira’s “Shoot Now Then Ask”.

A Spanish singer confirmed that Shakira did not steal her with the song “Acrostic”
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Later, through his one instagrams Correct his statements and He warned that at no time did he want to talk about “plagiarism”.Since then in music “Everything has already been invented.”.

“But I really don’t think anyone ripped me off, I don’t report it or anything like that please. People stop making movies kiss.” Matthew in their social media posts.

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