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Shakira continues to attack as she changes her strategy with her kids in Miami

Shakira You have made a decision that will surely affect your children Sasha And Milanwho soon made plans to join Gerrard antiquities In Barcelona, ​​for their summer vacations, after finishing their studies in Miami.

However, the Colombian decided Dispensing with the services of his lawyer, Pilar Mane, in BarcelonaAccording to the newspaper “La Vanguardia”. From now on, the Colombian woman is placed in the hands of an American lawyer.

And this isn’t just a change of heart, because it means Shakira is attacking her children’s future. At present, the core issue affects children’s summer vacations, to decide whether They will stay longer in the United States Or they will travel to Barcelona.

According to that information, Shakira was happy With the services of his lawyer who, for example, managed to convince both Sasha and Milano to live with their mother in Miami.

But the main reason could be distance. Shakira needs her team of lawyers to be closerSomething that did not happen with his former lawyer, as well as the problem of the time difference, which made communication difficult.

From this moment on, it starts A new fight between Shakira and Gerard Pique With a change of strategy by the Colombian that could mean a completely different new scenario.

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