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shake! Veliko Bonovic will make his official debut for Chivas against Rayados

MX league

The Guadalajara coach was considering the possibility of a young player making his first-class debut on Saturday against Monterrey.

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Chivas is just a few hours away from making its debut at Clausura 2023, As the Rojiblanca Foundation is committed to being a champion in Mexican football, so is the coach Veliko Bonović will be responsible for most sporting decisionsSo he was analyzing the start of the cycle with his debut in the extreme circle.

the The Serbian strategist gave him the opportunity to show himself during the pre-season to the vast majority of the elements it has to face in the next semester, analyzing the performance of each of its elements in detail and through this, Decide which table will start sharing in 2023.

One important thing Unknown Rojiblanca fans have been lurking in goal since goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez He has been the target of multiple criticisms for some of the mistakes he made, especially in the Sky Cup, for which the Europeans andYou will consider Raul Talla Rangel In goal next Saturday at Steel Giant Stadium.

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Although Wachow is not one of the best goalkeepers in the league, Yes, he saved the last Guadalajara championship on many occasions and even gave him good points (…) Probably, it’s a huge and important prospect. I can’t take that for granted, but I think so today, Coach Veljko Paunovic is thinking of giving the opportunity, from the start of the tournament, to Raul Talla Rangel “, Interviewer José Mattia Garrido explained on his YouTube channel Futbol con Cerebro.

When will Chivas debut in Liga MX?

After concluding his participation in the Heaven Cup, Guadalajara will already be preparing its presentation for Clausura 2023, The same thing will happen Next Saturday, January 7, 2023 When people from Guadalajara visit Rayados at BBVA Stadium.

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