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Several consulates in Cuba suspend their services on May 5

Several consulates in Cuba suspend their services on May 5

Some embassies in Havana announced on Tuesday that they will suspend their consular services on May 5. For follow up details.

he Panama Consulate in Cuba He explained that they would remain closed on Friday due to “a working holiday in Cuba in commemoration of International Workers’ Day”.

What will happen to dating? As indicated, the certification dates will be rescheduled for Monday 8th May and applicants will receive a confirmation email.

In the case of Tourist Visa appointments, it will also be rescheduled for Monday 8th May. Petitioners must reprint the shift slip with the new date from Official Page.

For its part, the Consular Section of Embassy of Mexico in Havana It stated that “for reasons beyond the control of this Consulate, work activities will be canceled on Friday, May 5, 2023.”

Because of this, the appointments for the indicated day were rescheduled. Please check your email for the newly selected date. added.

In addition to the consulates of these countries, one of the consulates SpainWhich is considered one of the parties that implement most of the procedures, and it also published a message in this regard.

In this case, it will remain open next Friday, May 5th and “services will be provided normally at both locations: Palacio de Velasco and Lonja del Comercio,” the announcement states.

May 5, holiday in Cuba

The Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) announced on April 30 that Labor Day celebrations in Cuba had been postponed for the fifth Friday “due to the instability of weather conditions that caused heavy rain in many areas and the forecast for the next few hours.”

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He declared the day a working holiday “to allow our children to participate simultaneously throughout the country, starting at seven o’clock in the morning, in parades and rallies,” they said in a statement.