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This is Yorelly Consuelo Ortega Quistial, a basic researcher at Tecnoacademia Fija of the South Colombian Center for International Logistics in SENA Nariño and, at the same time, an eleventh grade student at IE San Luis Gonzaga de Túquerres, who won the award for the “National Competition for Scientific Story Reliance on Science” with the project “El Encanto del Chilacuán”, organized by Con-Ciencia y Técnica magazine.

“Yorelly is a registered intern in the Nanotechnology line and is part of the Creative World Pioneers group, which arose out of a desire to investigate the humanities; an opportunity SENA provides for interns to participate in scientific and technological development events and gain knowledge through important experiments for their own benefit and the benefit of others”Commented Betty Cisneros, psychologist from Tecnoacademia Fija.

Of the educational institutions of the Nariño Department, the work carried out by the Fixed and Mobile Technical Academies of SENA in Nariño with young girls, boys and adolescents, whose skills and curiosity about the world of science, technology and innovation are nurtured, who, because of their abilities, can achieve important recognitions by participating in this type of event.

“I carried out my project based on the book ‘Coplas Nariñenses’ which does not show its author, and with the advice of facilitators and teachers I formed a Nariñense view of the world, in which knowledge and experiences in chemistry were present to inspire me; I was very excited and satisfied when I discovered the prize because I felt rewarded for hard work that you investedAnd the explained Ortega .

This competition is held every year between September and October by the magazine CON-CIENCIA y TÉCNICA in which the process of conducting, training and evaluating rewards the creativity of the trainees through literary products that make their work more visible. Experiences in technical academies across the country.

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‘El Encanto del Chilacuán’ by Yorelly Ortega will be published in the second issue of Volume 6 of the magazine, featuring popular articles, important experiences, and successful cases of alumni and opinion columns for trustees, rectors, curators, and teachers. Tell how Tecnoacademia affects training. By 2022, the magazine will feature reviews of recently formed Tecnoacademies.

Next, we leave you with a small part of the winning story:

They say that there in a village called La Chorrera, where the songs of the birds adorned the nature and the Cueche sparkled with its beautiful colours, a group of Muérgano bussed pigs and saved their mothers; They loved looking at Quinde, which went great. All this happened on a very beautiful day, some well-guarded women and another clean caresses devoted to field work, within this group, there was a pretty girl; Also very inquisitive and intelligent, homemade and obedient. So her mother left her the task of preparing the arnayada for lunch while she went to collect the guangada from Chamiza.” —YoOrtega, Magic page 1