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Secret draw for Ecuador at the start of the defense of the South American U-20 title | football | sports

Ecuador It was Weak start to the title defense in it South America sub 20 It cannot be bypassed 1-1 draw with Chile Which at times exceeded the mini Tri and put up a defensive block the sheet never appeared to be an issue.

After the first few minutes of favor, Ecuador was surprised To deal with Shelly, which with Vicente Connelly in attack Put the tricolor team in trouble.

The Mini-Tri will wear the champion patch on the South American Sub-20

He was the striker of the Spanish Federation Constant danger to those driven by Jimmy Branwho did not control the offensive line imposed by the strategist Patricio Ormazabal.

a Shot on the horizontal in 8 minutes The start was a break in the dominance set by the mini-trio, in whose possession the ball was able to subdue La Roguita. The Chilean’s shot fell on the line. The procedure is discussed and marked as Controversial game.

In the 18th minute he was present again be mine , He is after a good combination with Gabriel Norambuena In front of the goal, but he forgave a shot that went over the crossbar.

The Chilean goal came third. Connelly controlled the ball on the edge of the area and He finished low to beat goalkeeper Gilmar Napa in the 25th minute And after 5 hit a new vertical shot from the Chilean striker.

In a hurry, And Ecuador found par on Justin Coiro’s solo workwho controlled the ball on the Chilean defense mark was removed and opened the space to take a corner shot put in 1-1 in 33 minutes.

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Chile were more established in working with the ball and in attacking functions with it In the first half he was able to score more to his credit.

For the plugin, Ecuador improved its procedures and managed to control the procedures. Moving up the field, the mini-three minimized defensive problems; however, La Rogetta jumped the lines again Connelly left again in front of the goalkeeper Napa (58 minutes), who won the duel this time.

Ecuador faced more and had replacements in attack, with coach Jimmy Brann changing hands The mini Tri showed more depth and forced the Chileans back into their fieldWith which Alan Mina, who seemed to complement the work of Justin Coiro, hit a direct shot on goal in the 73rd minute.

Despite his reaction, he is The Tricolor team was far from score to give him a win. On the offensive it was choppy and without strength in the last quarter of the field.

With a 1-1 between the Ecuadorians and Chileans, the Bolivia remains to lead the group. This is first thing in the morning beat Venezuela 1-0.

the The mini-Tri’s next presentation will be on Sunday, when they measure those from the heights (4:00 p.m.) At the Deportivo Cali stadium, while Uruguay will play its first match against Chile, starting at 6:30 pm. (Dr)