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Scientists warn of risks in Operation Conacyt after approval of new science law – La Voz de la Frontera

After it was approved by dawn fast track in it Senate the Reformation to Common law for the humanities, science, technology and innovationAnd Scientists alerted about Risks That this will imply in Consit processthe main organization modifications which will now be renamed National Council for the Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation (Conahcyt).

In the show they seek to inform the audience of love created by this Lawthe Scientists members Center for Research and Advanced Studies at IPN (Cinevistaff), Eduardo Aranda Breaker and Alma Maldonado, be warned Increase the budgetthe affectation to Scientific unionsand fulfillment of agreements and absence to responsible.

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The foregoing, since the parliamentary majority Brown woman in it Senate and the Parliamentagreed, among other things, to eliminate the minimum 1 percent affiliate Gross Domestic Production (GDP) which should be constitutional assigned to science.

By abolishing this criterion from legislation, the legislators are under no obligation to allocate resources, in this way, the specialists expose, although it has been shown that these resources must grow year by year, the larger resources are not guaranteed in real value, but rather are exempted from violating the constitution by not doing so, because “with an increase of five pesos it can be said that ( budget) higher than the previous exercise.

From the opinion of more than a thousand pages, share it Morena legislatorsbefore the session in which it is reforms to this lawAranda-Bricaire and Maldonado extracted 11 other points they considered relevant for opposing the amendments.

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next to budgetPointing out that one of the most important points is that the secretariats of the National Defense and the Navy have a place in it Board of Directors affiliate Consit and not so for representative to institutions like cinevistafthe UNAM, UAM, IPN and the National Association of Universities And Institutions of higher education.

These institutions may be part of the Board of Directors with voice and voice, however, despite their academic importance, they will not have a guaranteed place or They will have a majorityas there will only be eight spots available for them, states and the private sector, instead Federal government She will have 14, which will give her an advantage in the decisions that can be made.

Regarding scholarships, although the management of the organization confirms this You will stay guaranteedincluding graduate students from private institutions, experts point out that Grant And financing It will be dedicated to those who work in it priority lines set by the Government National Research Agenda.

in the acting Of their union, Eduardo Aranda Breaker and Alma Maldonado also see the possibility breaches affiliate Conventions signed by him Consitbecause they value it by changing The name of the organismThis can already be separated from the above, arguing that he did not sign it

Also, by controlling the ConsitWe believe that the internal advisory body will not perform its audit function, because it will not be independent, which will make it difficult responsible.

Regarding these adjustments, on Thursday Students, scholars, scholars and organizations They fired advertisement A 24-hour national strike for next Tuesday, May 2 at universities and Public research centers And private as a protest.

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In recent weeks, it has been Institutions, scholars and scholars From various institutions denounced that the 4T initiative contains legal technical errors, and its implementation means setbacks for scientific developmentRestrictions on Freedom of investigation, tyranny and discriminationreductions budget It violates workers’ rights and academic standards.

with information from Fernando Merino and Norette Martinez