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Scientists already have the exact date when the sun will end up in the solar system – teach me about science

Scientists already have the exact date when the sun will end up in the solar system – teach me about science

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The future of the sun It’s one of the questions we’ve asked ourselves throughout our history ever since we discovered how its entire system works. Internal structure. As the central star of our solar system, andFor the sun He was a witness Of countless events throughout almost his life 4.6 billion years. but, What does fate have in store for us when it explodes?

First of all, the sun is not a “Fireball” As many believe. in her essence, The sun bears Doing a nuclear chain reaction, mainly fusion Of atoms hydrogen To form helium. This nuclear fusion releases huge amounts of energy in the form of… light and heat, What we are allowed to do enjoy the life And maintain balance Our planet through Of process Photosynthesis in First example.

But as any Another source for energyhe sun Not immortal. With time, The hydrogen in its core will run out, and sun It will be ready To have a good ending. This turning point will mark the beginning of the end The life of the sun as we know it.

When the hydrogen in the Sun’s core runs out, gravitational forces will begin to take over, and the heart will contract under its own weight. this Contraction It will increase the Temperature and pressure In the heart, which will allow Helium fusion. how a resulthe sun It will expand dramatically and become what Which is known as the red giant.

During this stage, The Sun will engulf the nearest planetsincluding Land. However, the Sun exploding as a supernova is unlikely Due to its relatively large size Small compared to other massive stars. in it The place is more likely than the sun Experience a series of It pulsates and expels its outer layers, shaping them Planetary nebula.

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At the end of his life, what remains of the essence sun It will shrink to form a white dwarf, a small, dense star that emits its own light stay in it space.

However, before we panic, it is important to remember that this is not the case It will happen soon. A study he conducted University of Warwick In England indicates that this process will occur within It is about 5000 million years old. And not just on Earth, when sun When it enters the red giant phase, its expansion will be so intense that it will engulf the galaxy’s inner planets Solar System.

This process will occur due to massive inflammation of the skin sunwhich will expand to several times its current size, reaching such proportions that it will physically absorb the nearest objects, dismantling them and merging them with The mass will grow increasingly. It is an inevitable process of destruction as a result of natural evolution all StarsOur situation will not be an exception. LuckilyWe won’t have to live in it.

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