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Science, technology and innovation: basic premises for the development of Cuba › Cuba › Granma

Science, technology and innovation: basic premises for the development of Cuba › Cuba › Granma

The successful implementation of several projects with an impact on the development of the country, based on a strategy based on strengthening the process of transforming the management of science, technology and innovation as the pillars of the administration of the Republic of the Republic, the most prominent of which was the result of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma) in the year ending in 2021 and the continuation of the current 2022.

“We consider that important steps have been taken since Citma in enhancing the transformation of science, technology and innovation management. Party Politburo member and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz said, during the annual working meeting of the body, which was held on Friday at the Center for Advanced Studies of Cuba in this capital.

An example is the achievement of all the goals and priorities of action proposed in 2021, thanks to – in the words of the Minister of Citma, Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya – the contribution and commitment of workers and cadres, as well as the implementation of ideological political action, which allowed a greater integration within and outside the organization.

According to the minister, the implementation of the government’s strategy within the ministry made it possible, despite the economic restrictions that prevailed last year, to exceed exports by 171%, which determined reductions in the implementation of the 1988 Citma budget, as well as the acquisition of inputs and implementation of the investment plan, which amounted to 39% Just.

Among the main results of work – presented by the Minister during the meeting – the implementation of the Innova y Crece scientific corridor of Cuba, which in its first year of implementation allowed, in exchange with priority bodies of the Central Administration of the State (OACE), the productive results obtained, from Entering scientific research, it will begin to be conducted and visualized.

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Manuel Marrero Cruz Photo: Andres Correa Vaillant

It also highlights new changes in the composition of science, technology and innovation entities; Entry into force of Agreement No. 156 of the State Council on the creation of the National Innovation Council, headed by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez; and increasing Citma’s advisory role, through its Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI) policy divisions.

Similarly, over the past year, the Science and Innovation Financial Fund has been strengthened, as a state budget mechanism for financing priority projects at CTI. For example, in 2021, 94 projects of national priority were funded, which carried out 249.5 million CUP.

Pérez Montoya also highlighted the continuity of scientific education and social recognition of science, through a multi-platform consisting of a scientific news program, the Cuban Science Network, social networks and scientific and technological observatories, at national and sectoral levels.

Elba Rosa Perez Montoya Photo: Andres Correa Vaillant

Likewise, the dialogue with young people in the sector, students and new talents was increased, which allowed them to keep updated about their interests, needs and possibilities of attracting them to scientific activity; Progress has been made in formulating the Agency for Social and Human Sciences, taking into account the priorities with the introduction of the Government Administration System for Municipal Development Strategies, and proposing to address inequality gaps in the social and community environment and accompany transformations in neighborhoods.

Evaluation of the implementation of the first phase of the state plan to confront climate change: the life mission has been implemented, positive results have been achieved, and the state plan to prevent and confront crimes and offenses affecting natural resources has been strengthened. Forests, plants and wild animals.

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The head of Citma highlighted the development of the sectoral program in specifications, metrology and quality, which will contribute to the contribution of knowledge and innovations to the development of these activities.

Strengthening CITMA is essential to promoting science and innovation in the country

“There is still a lot to be done, but we have to realize that great progress has been made and with results,” the prime minister said, referring to Sitma’s management in recent months.

With regard to the challenges facing the institution, he pointed out the importance of continuing the measures to preserve the natural resources, despite realizing that in the midst of the difficulties, facing the infractions associated with poaching, indiscriminate felling of trees and fires, among other things.

However, he called for working to achieve rational exploitation of natural resources, while warning that the expansion of different economic actors generates more needs for resources, and therefore more reasons and conditions to increase this type of events.

Among other challenges faced by science, the head of government indicated the application of research results in decision-making at various levels, which “must be a priority”.

Regarding environmental work at the local level, he directed the creation of a joint guide with the Institute of Regional and Urban Planning on the topic of waste treatment. “The situation of many municipalities with landfills is a disaster. We also have to add science, innovation, solutions, how to recycle and how to use it,” he said.

Marrero Cruz noted the strengthening of the organization’s business system, the development of existing projects that have proven successful and their implementation on the ground, in addition to strengthening the leadership role of Citma from all the delegations of the provinces.

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“We must stimulate the development of science, direct it to the priorities of the country, and we must understand that it is not a slogan, it is a kind of channel that directs us to search for a solution to our problems, with our resources and ideas.”