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Science in Cartagena: Ondas: the program that seeks to advance science and technology initiatives | Cartagena

Invitation to students of public and private educational institutions in the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Regional Institution of Canal del Deck (Cardec), The Ondas program makes it so that they register before 6 p.m. on Friday, June 25th and become part of this core Minciencias strategy: Cardique-UTB.

Ondas, aimed at children and youth to stimulate the building of a culture of science and technology, Especially from elementary and middle schools, it will continue through the current semester.

The team must be mixed from each educational institution (equal number of men and women) At least 10 students and a responsible teacher.

Educational institutions (official or private) located in rural or island areas of Cartagena and its towns may participate; or in municipalities Turbaco, Turbana, Arjona, Santa Rosa de Lima, Marialabaja, Mahates, San Juan de Nepomuceno, Villanueva, Calamar, San Jacinto, El Carmen de Bolívar, Córdoba, Clemencia.

According to Angelo Bacchi Hernandez, Director of Cardique, Ondas encourages the creation of seedbeds so that children can have scientific and technological ideas and attitudes from childhood, and So they develop activities from these perspectives.

Kardec considered it appropriate to continue to celebrate this special scientific and technological cooperation agreement with Minciencias, through the Technological University of Bolivar, which is the program coordinator. Ondas – National Fund for Financing Science, Technology and Innovation, Francisco José de Caldas Fund “, Patchi said.

He indicated that the Corporation had signed this agreement, Since 2003 and obtained significant results.

Beneficiary groups will receive: remote counseling and will also have face-to-face counseling in the educational institution, resources to support research, participation in socialization and outreach events and support materials. In total, 45 research groups will be selected.

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