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SCIENCE / Eleven researchers from UPCT, among the most cited scientists in 2020 according to Stanford ´ranking´

Eleven researchers from UPCT, among the most cited scientists in 2020 according to

Among the 2% of the most cited researchers in the world in 2020, 11 were UPCT professors, according to the recently published annual update of ‘ranking’ prepared by the prestigious Stanford University (science-level updated author databases for Standardized Citation Indicators) , which ranks the world’s research elite based on criteria that measure the impact and quality of their work.

The 11 researchers from the Polytechnics most cited in 2020, were in the following order: Juan Gabriel Segara, Carmelo Reverte, Toribio Fernandez, Emma Garcia, Salvador Garcia Ayalon, Jose Alberto Acosta, Maria Dolores Bermudez, Pablo Zorn Belza, Antonio Urbina, Raúl and Jose Luis Gómez Tornero, who teaches in the School of Business and in the Faculties of Industries, Agronomists, Communications, Roads, Canals, Ports and Mines.

The presence of UPCT researchers in the ‘top’ increased by the most cited 2% compared to the previous version of this list, with in 2019 seven professors from the Polytechnic appearing in the ‘ranking’. Emma Garcia, Salvador García Ayalon, José Alberto Acosta and Antonio Urbina joined this select group of concerned scholars.

The group of experts that carried out the study, led by Stanford researcher John Lounidis, also produced an updated ranking of the most cited researchers throughout their entire careers. Among the most cited 2% are UPCT scientists Toribio Fernández, Francisco Artes, Maria Dolores Bermúdez, Jose Luis Gómez Torneiro and Joaquín Zuico.

The list was prepared by analyzing the Scopus database of authors from all over the world and includes a composite index based on different bibliometric indices (incoming citations, Hirsch H index, modified Schreiber Hm index by co-authors and article citations in different positions of authorship).

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